Citroën André & Partners can be paid the following ways:

1. Visa or Mastercard (3,5% charge) *
2. Personal Checks
3. Certified Bank Checks
4. International Money Orders
5. Direct Bank transfers
6. PayPal (4,5% charge) **
7. Cash; Euro's and US Dollars

*) Since January 1st, 2016 our provider has introduced the “Pay per Link” system. A simple and safe way for all Visa and MC payments.
**) Please mail or call for our dedicated PayPal e-mail address.

Bank charges on transfers and checks from outside the EU are EUR 10,00.

National and European Transfers can be made to:

Citroen Andre
P.O. Box 1, 4870 AA Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
Account No. (IBAN) IBAN NL52RABO0140742433

For countries who can not use the IBAN:

Account No. 140742433 - SWIFT / BIC address: RABONL2U
RaboBank West-Brabant Noord
P.O. Box 1, 4870 AA Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
VAT/TVA/MWSt/BTW No. NL001243414B43
EORI No. NL001243414
Citroën André & Partners prices are Tax-Free
All deliveries within the EEC are subject to 21,0% VAT/TVA/MWSt/BTW
EU customers with a valid VAT/TVA/MWSt/BTW No. do not pay this salestax.
All deliveries outside the EEC are Tax-Free
Citroën André & Partners is registered at the Chambers of Commerce in Breda, The Netherlands.
Registration No. 20044546.